Painless Cavities and Fillings

Dr Sudhir can perform a painless cavity preparation and natural-color filling procedure faster than ever and you will avoid the Novocain shot and pain associated with fillings.

No Drill No Pain. The Ozone Dental System uses laser-energized water to gently wash away tooth decay with incredible accuracy. You won’t hear the whine of the drill or smell drilled enamel. There is no heat or vibration, which reduces the dependence on needles and anesthesia.

The Ozone laser prepares your teeth in a way that maximizes bond strength and provides you with longer lasting fillings. It’s perfect for decay removal, cavity preparation and general dentistry for enamel and dentin.  It’s painless and precise dentistry.

And We Make The Fillings Look Natural. Traditional fillings can be unsighly, metalic distractions from your smile-especially when associated with the front teeth. Dr Sudhir offers patients at his Tyson’s Corner practice the superior appeal of natural-colored fillings. They utilize hard enamel matched to your natural tooth color.  Next time you get fillings- go natural!

 Non-Surgical Therapy for Gum Disease

Early detection of gum disease may mean the elimination of painful gum surgery. Tooth brushing and flossing removes plaque that is above the gum line of your teeth. Should tartar and bacteria attach to your teeth below the gum line, they will pull the gum tissue away from the teeth and create a deep pocket. Six-month dental hygiene checkups and oral exams will reveal this issue.

Should you or a family member have gum disease, count on Dr Sudhir and his team to offer two non-surgery options:

The first option is to clean the tartar and bacteria before they deteriorate bone and tissue resulting in the loss of teeth. The goal of this non-surgical therapy is to allow the gum to heal and pocket depth be reduced.  Gingivitis, caught in its earliest stage with no damage done, can be managed with one to two regular cleanings.  You will also be instructed on how to improve your daily oral hygiene habits and book regular dental cleanings.

The second alternative for treating gum disease is Perio Protect. Perio Protect is an FDA-approved, non-surgical treatment for gum disease that can be applied in the comfort of your own home. For more information, visit (why do we want to send people away from the site?) or schedule an appointment with Dr Sudhir today.  This dentist prescribed treatment is not for everyone with periodontal disease, but it is less costly than conventional periodontal treatment.

 An Alternative to Dental Surgery: Laser Periodontal Therapy

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Periodontal Disease and surgery is recommended, there is a less invasive, less painful alternative – Laser Periodontal Therapy.  Laser Periodontal Therapy is the only FDA-approved procedure for regaining new tissue attachment and bone around your teeth.

Laser Periodontal Therapy is much less painful than traditional gum surgery and can be completed in just two one-hour sessions, utilizing either the ezLase dental laser or the Waterlase laser.

A tiny laser fiber about the thickness of three hairs is placed between the tooth and gum, and the infection is cleared away. The procedure is fast! It takes just two one-hour sessions for Dr Sudhir to treat one half of your mouth at each session.

Pocket Elimination Therapy addresses severe loss of tissue attachment between the tooth and gum and may require special localized treatment.  Dr Sudhir uses a Ozone laser to treat the area. A tiny fiber the thickness of a paperclip is used to remove and decontaminate the periodontal pocket.  An enamel protein matrix is placed into the pocket in order to stimulate and generate bone growth and attachment to the tooth.

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