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Our mission at Ozone Dentistry india

Ozone dentistry is about identifying the strong link between dental and general health. Our mission is to use the latest in research and technology to uplift your general well being by reducing dental toxins and restoring the body’s natural energy. We want to see your general health improve as your dental health reaches a fine state of equilibrium and harmony.

We take pride in providing you with an individualised treatment and are here to help you make informed decisions about your dental health. We are dedicated to providing you with optimal dental services with utmost honesty and integrity. Our passion is to build strong ongoing relationships based on trust and respect with our patients in order to maintain their dental health in optimum state so that they not only look good but actually feel good. So the passion for it takes us to reach more and more patients,dentists and countries for practicing this wonderful thing available to dentistry.

So we want each and every dentist and dental practitioner as well hospitals and institutions should use this for its benefitial effects in dentistry.we arrange awreness programmes through dentozoneindia for it and we carry out hands on courses too.

About ozone

Ozone layer and ozone in dentistry. Atmospheric layer of ozone is benetial and it is protective covering of earth,nature and life on earth. Stratospheric ozone which comes from atmosphere and enters stratosphere creates pollutants by its oxidant reactions with chemicals.

In ozone dentistry we produce ozone gas from ozone generator which is non-toxic gas and completelky safe and biocompatible.

Forms and doses of ozone gas and ozone generator case presentations.

Whatsapp seminars, facebook group discussions and awreness programmes and hands on courses by dentozoneindia organized by academy of dental careers, navi Mumbai.

Way of practice in ozone dentistry

Ozone dentistry is a metal free practice – we rely on Ozone to complement all our treatment regimens. Here, we are not only focused on making you look better but actually feel better – that’s when you learn to embrace life and live it to the fullest.

When we are young, we have vibrant energy. As we age, toxins builds up in our bodies thus lowering our energy and vitality. Together we can help you regain your energy and your life.

We embrace the latest in research and technology and will continuously provide you with an alternative and more holistic way of practicing dentistry.

We have a wide network with other like-minded practitioners in different interests. This helps to provide you with the best service that we can offer. We want to ensure that we are treating your body as a whole.

This supercharged oxygen is like having ‘ energy in a bottle’.

We use it in every aspect of dentistry. This means that we treat dental problems on a biological level.

We focus on the cause of the disease and try to eliminate it by this very powerful antiseptic.

We then restore function by giving our cells what they need – oxygen.


A ozone generator is used to release ozone gas by corona discharge system and it is used for various applications in dentistry by its oxidants mechanism of action.


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