With our expertise in manufacturing products for medical and research laboratories, we are specialize in manufacturing variety of instruments & equipment for blood banks. Our array includes Tube Sealers, Blood Donor Chair, Blood Collection Monitors, Blood Bank Equipment, Donor Chair and more. Our products have advanced features that allows ease of handling and provide complete safety. Available in standard models, we also customize our product range as per the requirement of our clients.

  1. Provides a comfortable position for the donor.
    Variable positioning for either arm with a comfortably wide arm – rests.
  2. Arm rests having up and down moving facility.
  3. Reclining and upright body positions with a smooth shifting to any position.
  4. Supporting base is completely attached with chair.
  5. Drawers provided for the upkeep of equipment & consumables. In back side we already provided with Telescopic Tray.
  6. If a vasovagal attack occurs the Donor’s head need to be lowered immediately and his legs lifted above his heart level so that blood can flow facility should be available. For this purpose we specially provide multipurpose cushion which is use normally at back side of head but when this situation will occur that cushion can be used in down side also.
  7. castors are easy lockable and we given the additional stopper option in back side of castor between two castor only press it will be fixed it at floor side which is required on base.

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